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Good Talent Agencies For Foreigners In Tokyo

I recommended avoiding IMO Talent Agency because they're founded upon scheming corruption and selfish lies, but are there any good talent agencies for us foreigners here in Tokyo?  I compiled a brief list:

Zenith, Inc.
While at an IMO job, I met a fellow American that pointed me in the right direction by

referring me to Zenith.  Zenith is the opposite of IMO―they asked for my bank information when registering (a good sign they intend to pay), they paid me exactly 1 month after the job, and they're friendly and pleasant to work with.

I haven't registered with Avocado, so I don't have personal experience with them.  However, I've heard from others that they're professionally-run and respectable.

DAG Music
DAG Music is a talent agency primarily for musicians.  I am finishing the registration process with them (I have to record my demo medley), so unfortunately I haven't done any jobs for them yet.  Nevertheless, like the others, I was referred to them on the advice of fellow foreigners.

Ask others about the above agencies, and you'll probably hear good things.  Ask others about IMO, and you'll probably get punched in the nuts / uterus.  Best of luck to you, fellow foreigner!

Thanks to a very kind reader, here are some more respectable talent agencies:

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  • when they actually reply our resume? how can we get the sponsorship visa?

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  • Guest - Guest28

    I want to find a good modeling agency any heads up?

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  • Guest - Bob Sampson

    Another good modelling agency in Tokyo is Acqua Models. The site looks really good too.

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  • Guest - DINNO

    Hi There, thank you for your article on Talent Agencies.
    I just want to warn some people that might be new to Japan..
    Some of these agencies (free wave for example..) collect peoples profiles and get reputation for having
    a big data base of "TALENTS" but you might not get a single job from them or nothing
    worth your time and they will keep their reputation. I would advise to remove your profile with any of them if
    in 4 months time you have had no substantial results. But of course it is a personal choice, anyhow my point is that you could just end up being one more picture on their web site.
    Anyways. good luck to all. thanks again for your info.

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  • Guest - DINNO


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  • Guest - Tokyo

    I have had great experiences with Freewave. So I suppose the "stay away" comments are also to be taken lightly, considering it's more common to see people post negative comments than positive ones. Negative experiences are usually more memorable than positive ones when it comes to reviews, but I honestly wouldn't commend them unless I were sure they deserved it.

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  • Guest - Ross-Barry Finlayson

    I have just read your page, and some of the comments. One of your guest comments mentions Group Echo. I am signed with them in Osaka and they are cheats of the highest standard. Unless you don't demand or threaten them for payment,they won't pay you. Over the past 6-months or so we are now receiving less for work through them. Compared to the other agencies I, and many others, am signed up with,Group Echo's fees can be up to half what the other agencies pay. Which brings me to my question. How can one deal with Group Echo? Are they a member of a federation of talent agencies. I am considering of going public and exposing them for the cheating way they operate.

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  • Guest - Avi

    I worked with remix they are very selfish company they try to pay you minimum and they cancel jobs many times they also require from you to go every audition and they don't even pay for trains over all worst company I worked with

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  • Guest - Tokyo5

    I have worked for Group Echo for seven years. They used to be an honest company who paid exactly when they promised. Unfortunately, about three years ago, they had a big shakeup at the head office in Osaka. After that it became more and more difficult to get paid. Now, they won't pay you at all. The only jobs that they will send you on, are for NHK, where a racist director will refer to you as "white guy" or "black guy" even though they have been reminded of your name a dozen times. Countless other forms of mistreatment on the job are common with Group Echo, mostly because they deal mostly with NHK.

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  • Guest - Miss Yokohama85

    I also worked for Group Echo in Yokohama in 2013. They refused to pay me for my work saying that they forgot even after more than ten phone calls and emails. I had to threaten going to labor standards to get my pay and have met other victims. They also cheat in Kansai, do a google search.

    from Japan
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