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Writer / comedian / American ex-pat David Pavlina hosts Japanatron--a podcast about life, learnings, and cultural experiences in the land of the rising sun. A wide variety of topics related to Japan are covered, all told from the standpoint of an American living in Tokyo.

31 - IT Jobs in Japan

I discuss Japan's IT industry for foreigners, specifically Tokyo IT for Western foreigners. I narrate my fascinating personal story about how I got my foot in the proverbial Tokyo IT door, followed by learnings and advice. Recommended if you too are looking into working in Japan's tech world.

29 - Experiences in Japanese Show Biz

This is an episode of firsts--my first guest and my first video podcast. I discuss experiences working in Japan's talent industry with the beautiful and talented fellow American Cait Meyer. We shot enough for 2 episodes, so please stay tuned for more!  More info about Japan's show biz industry here:

28 - Tips for Studying Japanese

I present Japanese language study tips and mental shortcuts that have aided me in the quest to learn this often bewildering tongue.

27 - I Don't Get It

No matter how long I live in Japan, there are a few things about this country and its culture that perpetually confuse me. I present my whine list followed by grinch-like groans.

26 - Japanese Service

Japan prides itself on its awe-inspiring service. I discuss 4 examples of where I find exceptional service in Japan, along with 4 examples of perplexing exceptions.