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ファブリーズ Febreze

ファブリーズのCMパロディ.  I entered this in the Febreze commercial video contest.

ごめんロボット Apology Robot

あなたの会社はスキャンダルがあれば、ごめんロボットは必要だよ! If your company has a scandal, you need the Apology Robot.  This video is in response to the growing number of corporate scandals occurring here in Japan.

Japanese Skater Boys - 日本人のスケーターボイズ

Warning: This is probably the worst skateboarding video in the universe.  These Japanese skater boys were shooting a skateboarding video outside my apartment building, so I decided to film the "making of."  Maybe they need a little more practice before going to the X Games, ね?

Cute Baby Girl Gets Lecture on Communication Skills

I lecture my 2 and a half week-old baby daughter on the importance of developing communication skills at this point in her life.  It's really in her best interest if she could more accurately communicate her needs.