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23 - Mobile Phones in Japan

I discuss mobile phone service in Japan, offering money-saving tips and alternatives to the big 3 (evil) mobile providers.

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  • Guest - Ryan

    o my goodness , finally someone hates soft bank as much as i do , man what i would have given to hear this 9 years ago

    Please check out rakuten mobile

  • Guest - Carolyn

    Thank you for this podcast. I am looking into moving to Japan next year and this is very helpful. Just to make sure I am clear - I currently live in the U.S. and have an AT&T iPhone 6. If I get this phone unlocked in the U.S., could I then use it with BMobile in Japan? Or can I only buy an unlocked phone in Japan for BMobile to work? Thank you for your help! -Carolyn

    from Orlando, FL, USA
  • Guest - Mondaiji

    Guest - Carolyn

    Yes, you could use an unlocked USA iPhone 6 in Japan.

  • Guest - simon

    Thanks for these articles. Every google search I do has you in the list and I get a lot out of them. Cheers

    from Aomori, Japan