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Rude Awakening

Kayo and I had a very rude awakening this morning.  A loud alarm went off around 6:30am.  It was immediately followed by a recorded voice saying, "An earthquake is coming!  An earthquake is coming!"  It was the nationwide early warning system, and our building's alarm system is tied directly into it.  Our hearts beating in our chests, we dashed from our beds, put on clothes, and braced for the coming tremor.

But it never came.

Apparently, it was a false alarm caused by a software bug in a geological monitor.  This evening's top news story showed 2 officials from Japan's Geological Ministry apologizing profusely for the mishap.  "The bug has been patched," they reported.

I certainly hope so.  I plan on filing a claim to pay for new underwear since I crapped mine this morning.  Japan at least owes me that much.

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  • Guest - Brian

    Ya sure the earthquake alarm was'nt shortly followed by, "This is only a test. This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this was a real emergency you would of crapped in your underwear by now. Thank you!" Hope your next morning is not rudely interupted. So, how ya doin? My truck adventure, has finally ended with a brand new truck. Its awesome. Plus, I got a new snake. This all adds to my awesomemostiy. I'll send pics as soon as I have time to take them. Later dude!bri

  • Guest - msmoose

    Why do I have vision of those two guys wearing ribbons of shame like the guy in "Gung Ho"?