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Dear Tea Pitcher

Unfortunately, I was forced to throw out my plastic pitcher this morning.  It was purchased over 3 years ago at the 100-yen shop in Nakano-ku.  I used it exclusively for tea, so tea was so beyond crusted on the inside that the clear plastic turned dark brown (a common theme in my life).  Washing and scrubbing had little effect on dissolving the tea crust.  It got to the point where the fresh tea stored in the pitcher was getting polluted by historic tea crust.  A glass of tea from the pitcher tasted like fossilized teas from years past.  At first it was a welcome walk down tea memory lane; however after further contemplation, it tasted like poo.  The pitcher now sits in the plastic recycle bin.  I will miss you, dear tea pitcher.  You were the best 100-yen I ever spent.

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    How about a "Dear Farmers Tan" next?