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Life in Japan - English-Speaking Internet Service Provider Asahi Net

Great Internet service is not difficult to find here in Japan as this country is known for its hyper-sonic, yet stable Internet infrastructure.  What can sometimes be an intimidating task for foreigners is the language skills necessary to complete the sign-up procedures and/or obtain customer support.

Enter Asahi Net.  They're an English-speaking Japanese ISP, making it easier to sign-up and obtain support in good ol' English.  Their English website, refreshed with a modern look and clear descriptions, does a bang-up job of explaining the various options and offerings.

I myself have been an Asahi Net customer for quite a number of years now, and I've had a more than satisfying customer experience with them.  If my memory serves me correctly, my service only went down once during my entire history with them.  The cause was a faulty modem, which was promptly replaced by NTT.  My service even survived the 2011 earthquake without much more than a brief hiccup.  Coolest for me is that they also offer an optional static IP address, making IT guy me the envy of my IT guy cronies.

Even more awesome is that as an Asahi Net customer myself, I can offer my readers deep sign-up discounts.  Simply provide my Asahi Net user ID when you sign-up --> sb8d-pvln

More info on the discounts here:

Best of luck to you, fellow foreigner!

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  • Guest - John Herzberg

    Be careful with data limits on certain plans. I signed up for home wimax and there's a 3 day rolling data cap. They aren't flexible with cancellation, even in the first month.

  • Guest - Tim

    Is this sign-up discount still good? Thanks for the info and help btw.

  • Guest - Dave

    Guest - Tim

    Yes! More info on the discounts here:

  • Guest - Hans

    Good evening!
    I'm using Asahi-net too , but I have a very "dorky" old fashioned homepage unlike yours. Your page looks very stylish and more like a blog that a "regular" homepage, nice.
    Would mind telling me what kind of software/template you are using? I'm not thinking of copying you page, but I would like to give my page a facelift so it looks more appealing.
    Hope you can help me out.

  • Guest - Olu

    Thanks buddy
    I also discovered Asahi Net recently. Sadly, I'm new in town and can't get a credit card yet so subscribing is extremely impossible right now. Please do you know how I can get round making my montly payment by getting a credit card? I need wifi desperately.