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Which Japanese Bank Do You Recommend?

I get this question a lot: "I just moved to Japan and need to open a bank account.  Which bank do you recommend?"

While many Japanese people would likely recommend one of the big Japanese banks (like Mizuho or Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ); personally, I would recommend Shinsei Bank because they're the only Japanese bank that comes to mind that caters to foreigners.  They speak English better than I do.  They have an English website.  They don't scratch their heads when they see your middle name nor ask about your non-existent inkan.  In short, they put more effort into capturing the niche foreigner-living-in-Japan market.  The bigger banks don't really do that because they don't need to--they're big and already have massive market share.  They're too busy counting their money to concern themselves with English-speakers.

As you'd expect, Shinsei doesn't have as many branch locations as the big boys, but this isn't a big deal for me because I almost never have to visit a brick-and-mortar bank in these days of online banking.  However, this could become a show-stopper if you live out in the Japan countryside where there just isn't a Shinsei location in your entire prefecture (as was the case for me when I lived in Tottori).  If you moved to rural Japan, then you probably weren't expecting much English service anyways.  I certainly wasn't, and it was fun!

In fact, even if there isn't a Shinsei branch anywhere nearby, you could open an account through postal mail--an assuredly delightful occasion to check out your local post office.  As much as I love visiting Japanese banks in person (lots of pretty ladies), there isn't much opportunity nor necessity to do so anymore.

As for ATM locations, they partner with several Japanese convenience stores, which far outnumber any official bank's ATM locations.  I've never had a problem finding a nearby Shinsei partner ATM.  Plus, I find myself eschewing cash lately in favor of e-money options like Edy and Pasmo.  Less coin-y mess.

Which Japanese bank would you recommend?

Good luck to you, fellow foreigner!

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  • Guest - Ed Horenburger

    Hi David, I've been coming for 3 weeks for the last 6 years. Cash has evolved to an Internationally authorized Debit Card from my local Bank that allows me to withdrawal up to $1500 per day.
    They even allowed me to add my Kyoto Gf. as an Authorized User so she can withdraw as necessary for my upcoming visit or other needs. I can control/protect by regulating my account balance here.
    She has scouted the various ATMs and now knows which work best & charge the lowest fees. It has worked "flawlessly" for 2 years now & fees have been moderate & fair. I would like to know however, if there are any special requirements for a Gaijin to open a Bank Account in Japan. I was told I couldn't but would like to. Any advice? Coffee next [email protected]'s⁉️ Thanks, Ed

  • Guest - Mondaiji

    Guest - Ed Horenburger

    The only requirement I'm aware of is that you need a Japanese residency card. In other words, you'd have to be in Japan on a non-visitor basis--e.g. work visa, spousal visa, student visa, etc.

  • Guest - Conrad


    Shinsei Bank now also offers a prepaid Japanese Credit Card, called Gaica. You can charge it online if you have a Shinsei Bank account. It is made for withdrawing and paying in shops abroad. But paying in shops in Japan also works. It is quite expensive for withdrawing abroad (plus 4%). For that take Rakuten Card or so is way cheaper.
    The site and application is in Japanese though. But you probably can get the card without waiting when you arrive in Japan without a credit background.
    It works online for shopping as well.

  • Guest - gay jin

    sheet man you are right shinsei is the best! fraqq mizuho and ufj, nobody speak english there! and the online feature of shinsei is the best! gaijin friendly and very easy to make transactions

  • Guest - Joakim

    I would recommend to take a look at SBI Sumishin net bank: My Japanese fiancée helped me to register an account when I used to live in Japan and unfortunately they don't provide an English website. My understanding is that the bank is open minded for foreigners so might be an alternative for you?