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Does Amazon Ship This Thing Abroad?

Although Amazon Japan offers loads of stuff to satisfy my discriminating American sensitivities, there are times when I surf Amazon USA and find an item that tickles my fancy.  But will Amazon USA ship this thing to my Japan home?  Here's a quick tip for finding out...

* Under the "Other Sellers on Amazon" section, click the "X new from..." link.  A list of all Amazon sellers selling the item will appear.

* Scroll through the list, paying close attention to the "delivery" section.  Those offering international shipping will naturally have the word "international" in their delivery / shipping information.  Use your browser's search page function (usually control/command +F) to find "international."  Note that the list of sellers could be a few pages long.

* But how much is it?  You could read the seller's shipping info or simply add it to your cart and start going through the check-out process.  You'll see the shipping cost before you finalize the purchase.  Perform some intense soul-searching to determine if it's really worth it.

Unfortunately, you may find that the shipping cost exceeds the price of the product.  I have at times exclaimed, "Oh hells no!" at the check-out page.  Then I beat my chest, chug a beer, and start the search for a Japanese alternative.  Perhaps you could boost the shipping efficiency by ordering several things at once.  Best of luck to you, fellow foreigner!

How to Get USA Stuff Shipped to You in Japan - Living Abroad

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  • Guest - Tohokuben


    Even more of a concern to me, would be the (potential) customs costs. Do you know of anyway to verify if/when customs charges are assessed, and if so how much?

    I am leary of ordering from overseas from experience. Years ago, having larger feet than most in Japan, I ordered a pair of cycling shoes from the US. Well the customs official must have been dumbfounded to see a 100% ridged, plastic-soled, velcro-closing leather and mesh shoe, with bolt-holes in the bottom; "these surely must be ballet shoes!", as they were classified by the customs office, and assessed a 130% tax.

    from Minato, Tokyo, Japan