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The 3-Kilogram Can of Kagome Pasta Sauce Story

I've been really into pasta lately because it's cheap and easy to make. So naturally I go all-in and purchase a commercial-use 3-kg can of Kagome pasta sauce on Amazon. 2-kg into the can of pasta sauce, I can definitively say that I no longer have the same enthusiasm for pasta that I once did. I'm not really sure, but something about "too much of a good thing" perhaps?

My wife and daughter were opposed to this purchase in the first place, so they refuse to assist with the consumption of the pasta sauce. Instead of pasta I start making things like pizza toast with the pasta sauce. Two loaves of bread later, I'm not the biggest fan of pizza toast anymore. Life can really suck sometimes, man.

Right now you're thinking, "How could anyone NOT like pizza toast?! It's soooo good!" I too was once like you, but now my eyes have been opened to the truth. Man cannot live on pasta and pizza toast alone.

Fortunately, very little of the pasta sauce remains and this experience has taught me a valuable lesson: Think deeply before purchasing 3 kilograms of anything. It may not sound or look like much, but 3 kilograms is actually a lot, dude!

I include the link to purchase the pasta sauce below. I encourage everyone to purchase this sauce because doing so will not only fill your belly with delicious pasta sauce, but also teach you valuable life lessons.


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