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Japanese Store Clerks Suck at Giving Change

This is a public service announcement of sorts. I want to warn the world that Japanese salesclerks totally suck at handing you your change. Beware!

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  • Guest - Tubo

    The problem of Japan is that individuality doesn't exist. If one have learned a way to do something, be sure that, that's the way all Japan does it!
    Of course, no problem for good things, the problem is for bullshits! a bullshit here in Japan spreads immediatly, like for instance, the way they use to prepare excel sheets. In every office they adopted a very dumb system. They first make all the cells small, and then they merge them in bigger ones. When I use office, if I have to do complex but ripetitive actions, I soon write a macro that do these operations for me. But not in Japan, they like to stay at work until late doing the same stupid operation so they don't care that writing a macro in their stupid merged cell sheets is just a nightmare! there is another problem too, they cannot write a macro if they don't previously have a meeting for approving it.