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Japanese Skater Boys - 日本人のスケーターボイズ

Warning: This is probably the worst skateboarding video in the universe.  These Japanese skater boys were shooting a skateboarding video outside my apartment building, so I decided to film the "making of."  Maybe they need a little more practice before going to the X Games, ね?

Cute Baby Girl Gets Lecture on Communication Skills

I lecture my 2 and a half week-old baby daughter on the importance of developing communication skills at this point in her life.  It's really in her best interest if she could more accurately communicate her needs.

My Apartment Earthquake Alarm

An example of my apartment complex earthquake alarm going off.  As you'd expect it's been sounding a lot since the quake, but I don't always feel the quakes it gets triggered by.  It's pretty ominous--especially when it wakes you up in the middle of the night.  The voice is saying "An earthquake is coming - 10 seconds."

Tokyo - March 16, 2011 - Plume of Radiation

Following the earthquake, a massive plume of radiation hovers over Tokyo on March 16, 2011.  It's just another day in Tokyo--people at the mall on a nice windy day.