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A short comedy video about old tshirts.  古いTshirtsについてコメディビデオです。

Shirt Rip - "I got a jacket now!"

Ripping the crap out of an old Banana Republic pullover gets me a new jacket.  It was my old "clubbing" sweater, but it was all old and stretched out.  So it deserved a good rippin'.

Addicting New Black Market Drug - Beware!

There's a dangerous new drug available on the black market.  It's very addicting and potentially fatal, and it's known as "breast milk."  Don't do drugs, kids!

Introducing the Second Column Podcast

The Second Column is a weekly podcast that features four improvisational actors who trade stories and jokes with some of the best up-and-coming comics, actors, writers and musicians in Los Angeles.  Check it out at

Differences Between Japan and America

I made this with my cousin when he was visiting me.  The essential topics are covered: toilet seats, cell phones, tea that is green, etc.