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Good Talent Agencies For Foreigners In Tokyo

I recommended avoiding IMO Talent Agency due to my extremely frustrating past experience with them, but are there any good talent agencies for us foreigners here in Tokyo?  I compiled a brief list:

A friend's recommendation, I only recently registered with Avocado, so I haven't yet received any job offers.  However, I've heard from many others that they're professionally-run and respectable.  In fact, I believe they're run by foreigners frustrated by the questionable business practices of other talent agencies.  The registration process was very well-explained, clear, and professional.

DAG Music
DAG Music is a talent agency primarily for musicians.  As part of the registration process, I recorded and sent them a demo medley, including clips from my original songs.  Unfortunately, I didn't receive any job offers from them...LOL.  I guess they didn't like my sad.  Nevertheless, like the others, I was referred to them on the advice of fellow foreigners.

Ask others about the above agencies, and you'll likely hear positive things.  I can't stress this enough--it's critically important to vet and validate when working in this under-regulated industry.  Best of luck to you, fellow foreigner!

I've compiled a far more comprehensive list of talent agencies for foreigners in the Mondaiji Directory.  Feedback regarding your own experiences with them is very welcome and encouraged, so please feel free to leave comments in the directory.

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  • Guest - Esther evbomoen

    I would like to display my talent

  • Guest - Okamoto Glenda

    Im interested for being a talent

  • Guest - Okamoto glenda

    Im interesting for being a talent

  • Guest - Rich B

    Dag Music was terrible, and culturally inappropriate. They refuse to write anything down or have contracts, saying its the "Japanese way" but they are AUSTRALIANS. Needless to say what they PROMISE to pay, and what they DO pay, are completely different. They also have this thing about acting "genki" instead of doing a serious job. Saw the female owner give a male client a back-rub. The weirdest example of cultural appropriation I have seen, I still use this example in lectures I do globally. Ironically, DAG means sheep poop in Australian, similar to Bogan, or fool-like, though I am not sure if they are self aware enough to realize the aptness.

  • Guest - Sugimoto megumi

    I want to audition

  • Guest - Guliver

    Be careful with Remix. In the fine print of their contract they have a clause that says they can charge you 10 times your pay if you miss an appointment for ANY reason. So if you are sick, or example, and you miss a shoot they can literally rob your bank account of 10 times your pay. Yes, at the end of the month you could actually end up having a negative bank account for signing up with these guys. While unusual, this is actually a practice of some other “Black” Companies like NOVA that take Advantage of helpless foreigners and of Japanese that are too scared to challenge their employers. If you’re comfortable with this then go right ahead.

  • Guest - Mark

    Dont Use Aqua Models they have horrible communication and don't pay on time.

  • Guest - Gene

    Can talent work for multiple agencies in Japan? There only seems to confidentiality clauses not inclusivity clauses???

  • Guest - Tokyo-Skinny

    Lazarus is also a great agency! They pay you and even fight for cancellation fees and whatnot. And they pay you quickly (like within weeks)! I have had great experiences with them. They do have a ¥500 sign up cost (which had me a little wary) but the agents are super friendly and supportive. They knew I wanted variety TV work and pushed for me in roles that I didn't quite fit for... yet got because of their recommendation! A+++

    I am also registered with Bayside and Zenith. Zenith hasn't gotten me a ton of work, but Bayside is great!

    from Tokyo, Japan
  • Guest - Mark

    Guest - Tokyo-Skinny

    Lazerus is horrible

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