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Location Shoot Survival Kit

As I do more and more Japan TV jobs, I've been compiling a list of things to bring to survive sometimes long shooting schedules.  I call this my "Location Shoot Survival Kit."

Toothbrush / Toothpaste
It's nice to polish the pearly whites after wolfing down that bento.

My pale vampire-like skin needs ample amounts of this for outdoor shoots.

Insect Repellent
Japanese bugs are brutal!

Snacks / Munchies
It really sucks to act with a growling stomach.  I'm a fan of "Calorie Mate," a dense, high-calorie cookie-like snack that is surprisingly filling.

Bottled Water
I find that all Japan producers are pretty good about keeping the staff hydrated, but just in case...

Body Spray / Deodorant
You may not smell so shower-fresh near the end of a 12-hour location shoot.

Handkerchief / Hand Towel
Life in Japan has taught me to always have one of these on "hand!"

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  • Guest - Matt

    Yep, always entertaining. Very glad to see when a new post or vid goes up.

  • Guest - Lewis

    Good advice. I just found your podcast and listened to all of it. You are very entertaining and I just wanted to say thanks for keeping my drive to school interesting.

  • Guest - Lewis

    Good advice. I hope I'll get to hear more from you sometime soon. Your always interesting