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10 - Hotsprings

Winter is the best time to visit a Japanese onsen (hot spring). I share some fun experiences & provide helpful tips.  It's a great show to listen to if you too have ever felt compelled to be naked in a room full of naked strangers.

9 - Drinking in Japan

Japanese people love to drink. And so do I. So let's talk about drinking in Japan: beer, sake, shochu, izakayas, yeah!

8 - The Kyoto Incident

It's storytellin' time on Japanatron, so curl up by the fire and enjoy a tale of a Japan road trip gone slightly wrong. You and your intestines will never forget it.

Episode 7 - Life at AEON

I discuss the good, the bad, and the funny regarding life at AEON working as an English conversation teacher in Japan. Was that a run-on sentence?

Episode 5 - Reflections on Life in the Countryside

The two and a half years I worked as an English conversation teacher in the Japan countryside were the golden days of my Japan experience. I talk primarily about daily life and spending free time in Tottori, Japan.