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38 - Public Pools in Japan

My daughter's been really into swimming lately, so we've been spending lots of time at the local public pool. It seemed like an apt Japanatron topic, so here it is! Oh, and I tried video this time.

37 - Japanese Holidays

Prepare for a whirlwind tour of the year covering my favorite Japanese holidays. I enjoy the not-working, eating, and getting drunk aspects; but complain about the having to buy and do stuff. Special thanks to the listener that suggested this topic.

36 - Overtime in Japan

Japanese people are known for doing crazy amounts of overtime work, so much so that some have literally dropped dead. There's no way you're going to get American me to work such hours, so what's up with all the overtime in Japan?

35 - The Hyponatremia Incident

I narrate and reflect upon a personal medical emergency experience that landed me in a Japanese hospital for a week.