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Facebook Reject Button

I'm so bummed because Facebook doesn't have a satisfying reject button to deny friend requests.  They only have an "ignore" button.  The closest I can get is to block the person and report them as a spammer.  That sounds a tad excessive, though.

I guess the only satisfaction I can get is to maintain my zero friends profile.  Another idea I had was to accept them as friends only to later delete them.  They would be fooled into thinking I accepted their request only to find that I negated our relationship just minutes later.  I really hope Facebook could accurately communicate that transaction via email notifications. 

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  • Yep! Sooooo bummmed! :P

  • Guest - giuliano petrigh

    HAHAHA>.. You were so disappointed... I could tell...
    "You have been DENIED the friend request and you have been socially REJECTED."
    I think that's what you wanted to show up in their facebook the next time they log on...