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Starr Labs - How to Get a Refund of an iTar Preorder

I preordered Starr Labs' iTar in December 2011.  Three years later this device still didn't exist, and the fact the iTar was no longer even mentioned on the company's website had me worried.  I decided to give up on the preorder and seek a refund.  Unfortunately, Paypal's statute of limitations is 45 days, so I was way beyond that deadline.  Was my money gone?  Evaporated into a mythical device cloud?  I had certainly hoped not...

Step 1: Contact Starr Labs Directly
I started by contacting Starr Labs through their website (contact methods are at the bottom) and Facebook page.  After several attempts I finally received a curt email reply stating, "Will do."  Several days later I was still without a refund.  Feeling ignored and like I wasn't making much progress, I moved on to step 2.  Although step 1 proved fruitless, I highly urge doing it as it is a prerequisite for step 2.

Step 2: File a Complaint with the San Diego Better Business Bureau
I found Starr Lab's listing with the San Diego BBB, and filed the following complaint:

Complaint: I pre-ordered Starr Labs' iTar product in Dec 2011. It is now Nov 2014, but it has still not been delivered.  Repeated requests for a refund of my pre-order have been ignored.
Desired Settlement: Refund my $234 via Paypal.

This proved successful, as my refund was promptly issued via Paypal.  Here is the direct link to file a complaint with the BBB:

I hope you find this information useful if you too are in the same boat I was in.  Personally, I'm through with preorders!

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