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15 - DOs and DON'Ts of Tokyo Life

I discuss key rules I live by to survive Tokyo's insane population density. If you take these golden nuggets of advice to heart, you will do just fine in Tokyo.

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  • Guest - Paul

    David, I almost wanted to scream at you with this one!

    1. You give escalator advice but forgot the most important rule: DON'T stand across the bottom of the stairs and escalators at stations - this is not only incredibly stupid but fucking dangerous! It's far worse than stopping at the ticket gates, man.
    2. You say people gotta run - making out as if Tokyo people walk fast...but they don't. They saunter. All. The. Bloody. Time.
    3. And my pet hate - the twats who wait for minutes at the elevator, only to go up just one floor! Assholes!!! Use the fucking stairs!

    There. Done.

    Keep up the good work, Dave.

  • Guest - Paul

    Great points! I wasn't trying to insinuate that all Tokyo-ites currently follow my rules (e.g. running everywhere). Tons of people saunter like zombies, block walkways, and stop at the bottom of stairways. If everyone ran like I do, this city would be a much better place ;)