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Ideas for IT Department Slogans

1. IT: we're a bunch of freakin' morons! yeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!
2. Incompetance with a smile.
3. Proud to say it's always our fault.
4. IT: we do nothing all day long (except play the network version of
Unreal Tournament).
5. We love to look like idiots.
6. Can't print? Call someone else. We're busy playing video games (see
7. IT: join us and you'll know why we're always drunk.
8. Reboot and call me after I finish this beer.
9. Opened a virus? Now you look as dumb as we do everyday.
10. IT: a department that slipped through the cracks.
11. IT: yes, we read your email (and we know about your pregnant 14
year-old daughter).
12. IT: yes, we know where you go on the web (and pornosluts dot com is WAY
better than stripperparadise dot com by the way).
13. IT: serving you better--one goddamn m*th*r f**k*n' user at a time.
14. Try our new DS3's! They'll help you waste company time 80% more
15. Always here to help you open those ultra-compressed mpeg-2 family
videos that have absolutely nothing to do with work.
16. Always here to teach you how to use a mouse--day in and day out.
17. Accelerating the web so that XXX collegegirl download puts YOU in the
18. If it hurts your productivity, we'll do it!
19. We NEVER know what we're doing. Guaranteed or your money back.
20. Making your workplace experience that much more dreadful.

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