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Adding iTunes to Joomla Stalker Extension

The Joomla extension Stalker is awesome, but oddly enough it doesn't have iTunes as one of the default available networks.  If you're using the component, you can add it manually, but Stalker will change the iTunes-specific "iTunes" to "http."  If you're using the Stalker for JomSocial plugin, then you have to add it manually.

Stalker for JomSocial
* Edit /plg_stalker_js/languages & change an unused network to iTunes
* Edit /plg_stalker_js/stalker/helper.php & change an unused network to iTunes

Oddly enough adding lines for iTunes did not work.

Stalker Component
I went into the database via PHPMyAdmin and changed "http" to "iTunes."  Don't edit this in the Joomla backend because it will change it back to http.  If you do you'll have to go back into PHPMyAdmin and change it back.

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