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Computing in Japanese - Dealing with Mojibake

Mojibake (aka "junk text") is a horrible affliction that most computing in Japanese have encountered at some point.  Here are some simple fixes that I use with Microsoft Windows and Outlook.  These instructions are written with Windows 7 / Outlook 2010 in mind.

SOLUTION 1 - Mojibake in Received Email

Try re-selecting the encoding in Outlook.
1. Open the mail.
2. Click Actions, Other Actions, Encoding, and choose "Japanese (auto select)." Even if it's already chosen, please click it again.

SOLUTION 2 - Mojibake in Received Email
Convert the email to plain text. Sometimes the email is actually in plain text format, but Outlook misinterprets it as HTML (or it's converted in transit), causing the mojibake.
1. Highlight the message and click forward.
2. Click format text --> plain text. This will convert the message to plain text format, potentially fixing the encoding information.
3. Forward the email to yourself.
4. Try SOLUTION 1 above if the plain text email still appears as mojibake.

SOLUTION 3 - Mojibake in General
If you often encounter mojibake problems in other places / applications, try changing your system locale to Japanese. This requires admin privileges.
1. Start, Control Panel, Region and Language.
2. Administrative Tab, Change System Locale.
3. Change to Japanese. You will have to restart your PC.

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