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Getflix - Netflix Still Not Working on PS3

There was a recent issue where the Playstation 3 Netflix app stopped working with Getflix--a service I use to watch Netflix here in Japan.  Fortunately, Getflix took swift action and resolved the issue.  Unfortunately, the issue was resolved for everyone except me!

I wasn't overly surprised since I have an awesomely powerful (yet complex) UTM firewall called PFSense.  I targeted the settings for Squid--a proxy / cache server.  My hunch paid's the fix if you happen to be the 0.01% of Getflix users in the same boat as I.

1. Set a static IP on the PS3.
2. In PFSense, go to Services, Proxy Server (aka Squid).
3. Under the "General" tab, find "Bypass proxy for these source IPs."
4. Add your PS3's static IP there and save the setting.

This allows the PS3 to completely bypass PFSense's proxy, and gets the PS3 Netflix app working again.

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