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Toshiba 37Z2000 TV - Sensitive CIFS Settings on FreeNAS

My Toshiba 37Z2000 TV has a cool feature that allows me to record TV over my network to a CIFS (aka Samba) file share on my FreeNAS server.  Unfortunately, however, the TV is extremely sensitive when it comes to the settings on the server.  Upgrading FreeNAS to a newer version almost always broke the TV recording feature because new features & settings would be introduced.  Here's a summary of what I painstakingly discovered.

Here's what worked:
* CIFS - turn off Unix file attributes
* CIFS - turn off send using sendfile(2)
* Make sure the share is fully open with basically zero security set, and allow guest access.  Access the share from a PC, and write a file to make sure it's fully open.
* Turn off any advanced power management (APM) or drive sleeping on the hard drive hosting the share.  The TV has no tolerance for delays caused by spin-ups.
* I also host the share off a single (non-RAID) drive for simplicity and lower power consumption.

In short, the TV wants old-school legacy CIFS with all advanced features turned off.

Finally, here are some things I tried that didn't work:
* Changing wifi channels had no effect.

Sometimes it's necessary to shutdown other PCs that use CIFS and restart the CIFS (Samba) service on FreeNAS.  My theory is that the first device that connects to FreeNAS via CIFS determines the security level.

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