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Linux - How to Mount Clonezilla Images

Make sure the partclone package is installed.
apt-get install partclone

Create an empty image file.
touch image-file.img

Restore the clonezilla files into the image file.
cat sda1.ext3.ptcl-img.gz.* | gzip -d -c | sudo partclone.restore -C -s - -O image-file.img

* This is 3 commands on 1 line with pipes.
* Be sure to include the lone hyphen in the last command.  That's not a typo!

Mount the image:
mount -o loop -t ext3 /folder-path/image-file.img /mnt

If you converted an NTFS partition, it probably won't mount.  Try this...

Mount the image - NTFS:
ntfs-3g /folder-path/image-file.img /mnt

Special thanks to this very helpful forum thread:

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