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MS Outlook - None of your email accounts could send to this recipient

You send email to a recipient, but immediately receive an error bounce-back message that says "None of your email accounts could send to this recipient."  I'm running Microsoft Outlook 2010 in cached mode, so I'm not sure if this issue occurs in other versions / non-cached mode.

The email address was originally entered by copying/pasting or clicking a hyperlink.  Unfortunately, this corrupted the recipient address by changing its type to MAILTO instead of SMTP.  This info is cached in Outlook, so even re-entering the recipient address manually does not fix the problem.

Resend the email, being sure to change the recipient type to SMTP before clicking "send."

* Open the original message in your "Sent Items" folder.
* Click Actions, Resend this message...
* Double-click the problem recipient address, the recipient info card pop-up will open.
* Click the more options icon (4th icon from the left), then "Outlook Properties."
* You'll see that the e-mail type is set to MAILTO.  Click the "Internet Type" button to change it to SMTP.  Click OK.
* Click Send.  PROFIT!

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  • Guest - Jim Callaghan

    Excellent. Worked for me.

    from Reading, UK