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UnRAID - Cloud Backup Using Rclone

- Rclone plugin
- User Scripts plugin (if you want to schedule the jobs)

Rclone is surprisingly easy to use, as it's very similar to Rsync.  The major difference is the initial configuration, as you have to register the cloud storage provider connection.  Since UnRAID does not have a browser installed, I used the headless setup process, which is very well-documented here:

I first tried my Mac for this, but couldn't get it working.  I gave up and succeeded with my Windows 10 PC.  I'm not saying that Windows is better--just that this is life in IT.  Give up and try another PC, OS, browser, cable, reboot, day.  Tomorrow my Mac will work, but Windows won't.

Here's an example rclone job.  As you can see it's very similar to rsync after you have the connection setup.

rclone sync /mnt/user/SourceFolder/ onedrive:backup/DestinationFolder/

I recommend running it manually with the --dry-run flag, so you can make sure it's gonna work.
Next, run it manually on a small folder.
Last, run the big guy!

If it's working, then schedule it in User Scripts.  Now you're backing up your UnRAID array data to cloud storage!

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