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Episode 3 - Why I Can't Move Back To America

Why I Can't Move Back To America - After over 8 years in Japan, I don't think I can ever move back to the USA. Here's why.

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  • Guest - Anup

    Dude you are to the point on this podcast..
    About me originally from Nepal lived in the US for over 17 years and aprox 7 years in Orange County..
    In short I pretty much lived half my life in the US - Nebraska - Colorado - Florida and California.. Love Cali...
    Now currently in Tokyo - wife is Japanese - and loving every bit even though I understand speak very little Japanese...
    Would love to get in touch and talk more.. on this regards..

  • Guest - Dan

    You forgot one-Vulgar language has become the norm. You seem to have forgotten cursing isn't a Japanese custom.
    25 years in Japan and not looking forward to leaving anytime soon!