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Outlook - Restore Missing Categories

You open Outlook and find that your categories are missing.

1) Drop to a command line.
2) Run outlook.exe with the "remigratecategories" option.

outlook.exe /remigratecategories

This Outlook startup option will re-pull your categories from your master category list.

Kingston USB Drive Not Working With MacOS El Capitan

I upgraded to MacOS El Capitan and to my chagrin my Kingston USB drive no longer works.  I get some stupid "Unable to start DTXX application" or "ERR_COULD_NOT_START" error.  Luckily, there's a solution--you simply have to upgrade the USB drive firmware using a Windows PC.  Please see this and look closely at the FAQ section:

Unfortunately, one my my older Kingston USB stick models is not listed, so now I have a useless brick on my hands.  I contacted Kingston support, but they ignored me.  Great.  (That was sarcasm by the way).

Nginx - Blocking Access to Joomla Administrator and User Login

I propose blocking all access to Joomla's administrator login page and front-end user login (if you don't use it) because I constantly see a-hole bots in my logs trying to hack my site.  Add these lines to the Nginx site configuration.

       location ~* /administrator.* {
       deny all;

       location ~* /component/user.* {
       deny all;

Now how do you access the Joomla administrator login page??  Serve your site on another port using a simpler configuration, then setup your firewall to only allow your IP to access that port.

Zimbra - How to Change MTA EHLO Hostname

It's a good idea to match your Zimbra MTA hostname given during an EHLO with the hostname associated with your public IP address.

su - zimbra
zmprov mcf zimbraMtaMyHostname
zmcontrol restart