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How to Clear Gmail iOS App Cache

I was annoyed recently because my iPhone Gmail app didn't show the latest saved drafts, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to clear the app's cache.  I couldn't find any obvious "clear cache" option, and completely closing the app and restarting the iPhone didn't help.

This finally worked for me:
- Open the Gmail app.
- Open the sidebar and open the account list.
- Touch "Manage accounts."
- Turn OFF the account with the expired cache problem, wait a minute or so, then turn it back on.

After turning the account OFF then back ON again, the Gmail cache was cleared.  It's still funny how almost every IT problem is fixed with "OFF then ON again."  The trick these days is figuring out what exactly to turn off, then on.

Dell Windows 7 Laptop and Wifi Problems with iPhone Personal Hotspot

The Dell Latitude E7270 & E7250 laptops my company uses have various wifi-related issues under 32-bit Windows 7.  They won't connect to certain wifi hotspots (especially iPhone personal hotspot), auto switching sometimes won't work, etc.  I've found on the web that others often experience issues with getting iPhone personal hotspot to work with laptops running Windows 7.  Unfortunately, none of the solutions I found on the web worked for me.  After lots of painful trial and error, I found success with the solution below.

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Safeguarding Your Digital Life

This is an outline of a presentation I delivered called "Safeguarding Your Digital Life."  It summarizes best practices to follow for keeping your online identity safe from hackers and identity thieves.  Feedback and additional tips are more than welcome.  Enjoy!

- We have a ton of IT security systems installed, but the weakest link is the human one.
- The most fortified castle will fall due to 1 person opening the door for the Trojan Horse.
- Security is inherently inconvenient.  But dealing with identity theft is far worse.

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Running Adobe Illustrator with User Privileges on Windows

Here's a quick one.  I've been struggling with getting Adobe Illustrator (Creative Cloud) to run properly with user-level privileges.  It would often freeze and crash.  After making the changes below, Illustrator now works quite well.  My gut tells me that the key was the first step.

* Grant the INTERACTIVE user full access to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator.
* Make sure any pending Windows updates are installed.
* Make sure that anti-virus software (e.g. McAfee) is on the latest version.
* Login with an Administrator account and make sure any pending Adobe Creative Cloud updates are installed.