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Google is Skynet

Has anyone besides me noticed the uncanny resemblance between Google and "Skynet" from the Terminator movies?

It's no secret that Google's ultimate goal is control of the world's information through the proliferation of "cloud computing."  On the surface Google's core business looks like a simple search engine; however, their true mechanics lie within their massive Skynet-like datacenters.  They construct the web infrastructure allowing you to surrender your information up to the cloud, promising unparalleled "access anywhere" convenience and data resiliency.

Think about it.  Some people's entire lives are on Google's systems--email, calendar, photos, address book, blog, discussions, videos (Google owns YouTube), and soon even your operating system will be Google (Chrome OS coming soon).  Google will no doubt eventually sell their free OS and cloud computing model to small businesses and enterprise customers as well--demolishing Microsoft's antiquated client PC model.

Google is an information vampire, implementing info-harvesting services wherever the opportunity exists.  Here is a breakdown of a very realistic future scenario:

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Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader

Sony PRS-505

Having recently been in the market for an ebook reader, I researched just about every current and soon-to-be-released brand and model.  I narrowed my search down to 2—the Sony PRS-505 and the Amazon Kindle 2.  I struggled heavily with the decision because the feature set of the Amazon Kindle 2 was very attractive.  Ultimately, however, I decided upon the Sony James freakin' Bond special edition PRS-505.  Here are the reasons why:

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