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The End

In the hall you walk down.
Testing doors--which knob to turn?
Uncertainty is your guide.
In darkened light am I inside?

And I will wait
I will wait until the end (x2).

Room to room you pass by.
Knocking when the time is right.
I hope to find you inside.
My blackened soul needs your light.

Twisted ways we trace the end.
Reaching walls your heart runs still.
Blackened blood flows outside.
Your quiet light warms our room.

Give Me a Gun

Give me a gun for my nose is all runny;
my head is a poundin' and the day ain't sunny.
Pull the knife from out my head,
so frowns will turn to smiles instead.
This icky-sick day is going way too long.
I'd rather be at home smokin' a phatty bong.
or playing around with my giant *ong.


with sunset smile that melts my heart
like wax of candle i play my part
entrapped within her caring cage
entranced with late a coming age

cinderella she ticks her pace
those glowing eyes, that lucid face
for when my face draws on a blank
her ship will sail for fogless bank

with wanderlust i found her here
we needn't visit the word wise sear
i only wish to spend my days
lost forever in her gaze

after journey long over sea of blue
i know this trust is somewhat new
but please believe me when i say
you are my light--
my gleaming ray.