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  • The 3-Kilogram Can of Kagome Pasta Sauce Story

    I've been really into pasta lately because it's cheap and easy to make. So naturally I go all-in and purchase a commercial-use 3-kg can of Kagome pasta sauce on Amazon. 2-kg into the can of pasta sauce, I can definitively say that I no longer have the same enthusiasm for pasta that I once did. I'm not really sure, but something about "too much of a good thing" perhaps?

  • What is Life Like in Rural Japan?

    Rural Japan - Maruyama
    Photo Credit – Pixabay / AIWorldexplore (No changes were made to this image)

    When one thinks of Japan, the first images will usually be of a bustling metropolis.

    Tokyo is one of the commercial centers of Asia, a bustling city packed full of innovation, technology and commercial ventures. Metro Tokyo confirms it houses around 11% of Japan’s overall population, making it the most densely populated city in the country.

    Away from the big city, Japan is a country full of beautiful countryside and tradition; although that is rarely the image of the country westerners see. When tourists visit, they flock to the metropolis to experience life, but rarely take the time to find out what the other side of Japanese culture is like, the one set in the rolling hills and fields of the countryside. Expatbets states that the rural areas of Japan are enchanting with immutable tranquillity and serenity. It is also a land of tradition, with a feel for its heritage and history like nowhere else on earth.