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Writer / comedian / American ex-pat David Pavlina hosts Japanatron--a podcast about life, learnings, and cultural experiences in the land of the rising sun. A wide variety of topics related to Japan are covered, all told from the standpoint of an American living in Tokyo.

37 - Japanese Holidays

Prepare for a whirlwind tour of the year covering my favorite Japanese holidays. I enjoy the not-working, eating, and getting drunk aspects; but complain about the having to buy and do stuff. Special thanks to the listener that suggested this topic.

36 - Overtime in Japan

Japanese people are known for doing crazy amounts of overtime work, so much so that some have literally dropped dead. There's no way you're going to get American me to work such hours, so what's up with all the overtime in Japan?

35 - The Hyponatremia Incident

I narrate and reflect upon a personal medical emergency experience that landed me in a Japanese hospital for a week.

33 - Japanese TV

I discuss reasons why I both hate and love Japanese television and elucidate my professor-like ruminations as to why it is the way it is.

32 - Noise Pollution in Japan

An obnoxious topic covered by a loud ugly American--let's talk about noise pollution in Japan. I rant about Japan's problem with excessive noise, sharing personal experiences and heavily-biased conclusions.

It occurred to me that the excessive announcements might be for the benefit of blind people.  As the story goes, a famous Japanese politician had a blind son, so he enacted lots of reform to make Japan more accessible and accommodating for the blind.  This is why you find those yellow sidewalk guides everywhere in Japan.  But why did they stop there?  Why not better accommodate wheelchairs, etc?  Don't get me wrong--Japan is gradually getting better at accessibility for the disabled, but it currently seems biased towards certain groups.

What Japan Needs - More Anti-Noise Laws