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Joomla - How to Modify RSSocial to Display Other Icons

RSSocial is an awesome free Joomla extension I use to display social media icons on my site.  Since it uses the Fontello Zocial font kit, I figured out how to modify it to display other social media icons.

* Navigate to /media/mod_rssocial/css and look at the rssocial-font.css file.  You'll see a list of all the icons types that RSSocial can be modified to actually support near the bottom.  Make a (mental) note of the type you want to use (e.g. rssocial-icon-appstore).
* Navigate to /modules/mod_rssocial/tmpl.
* Edit one of the unused social network php files (e.g. flickr.php).
* Modify the span to match the icon you'd like to display instead.  In the example below, I modify the Flickr settings to show the Apple logo instead.  I don't use Flickr, but I do use the Apple iTunes store for my podcast.

<span class="rssocial-icon rssocial-icon-appstore"></span>

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