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The Elements

And so it goes that in my heart grew nothing but a waste and fear.
Writhing with a spitefulness that nature never wants to hear.
I had this statue that I had sown tomorrow's sorrow harvests.
Allowing pain to dull its hue with bitterness its tarnish.

But came a soul with purer heart to polish away the tarnish.
Washed away the rust of time tolling with new varnish.
Her only tears that wrought new shades now bore a novel shape.
Bringing forth a brighter soul reaping classic drape.

Now this statue once lain fallow dawns a sweeter gown.
Now it gleams as the jewel in center of sun's town.
I place it on my pedestal and lover's eyes shall sear.
For I wait but fortnight time, and my statue doth appear.

The Blue Sea's Salt

The blue sea’s salt, a mountain’s vault.
These are things I like to ponder.
The desert’s snow, a monkey’s toe.
To make my mild mind wander.

But there comes a time I cannot rhyme.
I lie in my bed and wonder.
If there is a life after this life
to which my soul can saunter.

For windy days of weary ways
Cast a shade of dimness.
But is it just the lack of know
That drives my state of business?

Some may sing while others eat;
The birds forever flapping.
Oh, but nature finds a way
To loop its gentle rapping.

Sky of Stars

Seething with a labored spawn
Turning cheek so rarely dawned
Fascinate by harsher light
A dancing flame so warm and bright

Hands that mill the metered time
Twist and forge a new-world rhyme
Asking why we play this game
Forgetting all the beasts untamed

But in the end the smiles will sear
Tears may fall, but friends be near.
Through salted time my heart be there
Tendering a tempered care

And so I say you simply are
A glowing moon in sky of stars
You've painted on the world a smile
Strolling down his spanning miles.

My only hope is in my life
Despite the pain or streaming strife
That you may paint your heart a kiss
And bathe forever in its bliss.