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Which Japanese Bank Do You Recommend?

I get this question a lot: "I just moved to Japan and need to open a bank account.  Which bank do you recommend?"

While many Japanese people would likely recommend one of the big Japanese banks (like Mizuho or Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ); personally, I would recommend Shinsei Bank because they're the only Japanese bank that comes to mind that caters to foreigners.  They speak English better than I do.  They have an English website.  They don't scratch their heads when they see your middle name nor ask about your non-existent inkan.  In short, they put more effort into capturing the niche foreigner-living-in-Japan market.  The bigger banks don't really do that because they don't need to--they're big and already have massive market share.  They're too busy counting their money to concern themselves with English-speakers.

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How to Hit on Japanese Girls

Acknowledging that the fine art of hitting on girls is already widely covered on the web, I assembled some ruminations regarding specifically hitting on Japanese girls.  As females, many of the same rules of the game apply; however, as Japanese females, I've noted some fascinating cultural differences--many of which may serve as springboards for dating, relationships, and love.  As a non-Japanese you have a distinct advantage in that you can play a deck of cards that Japanese men cannot.  Here are a few of those magic cards.

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E-Cigarettes in Japan - How to Find Nicotine E-Liquid

While enjoying my dinner in a nearby Tokyo food court, I spied an older gentlemen smoking what appeared to be a conspicuous metallic cigar.  Upon further introspection I ascertained this to be 「電子タバコ」--better known as electronic cigarettes or "vape" to English-speakers.  I had heard of ecigs before, but always thought they simply burned the tobacco using an electric heating element.  Instead, this man was exhaling rapidly-evaporating fog--giving off a contradictory image of both James Bond the cool smoker and James Bond the medical device-using asthma patient.  What entranced me the most was that he wasn't polluting the surrounding area with cigarette smoke.  His foggy respiration was virtually scentless and dissipated almost instantly, which is why "smoking" ecigs is more accurately called "vaping."  I personally don't share in Japan's affection for smoking, as the fumes bother others in the area.  However, vaping appears to be a welcome compromise for this tobacco-loving country.  If the fine people of Japan could smoke to their hearts' content without bedeviling adjacent non-smokers (like me), then everybody wins.  We'd be one step closer to achieving that utopian fantasy we've always dreamt about.

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Life in Japan - How to Find English Keyboards

You're a foreigner living in Japan, and you're in the market for a computer with an English keyboard.  To your chagrin perhaps finding that laptop with an English keyboard proves rather taxing.  Or maybe you're forever stalking the elusive desktop English keyboard.  Some find luck wandering the snaking streets of Akihabara, seeking that rare shop selling overseas laptop models.  Japan is mostly Japanese people, so I guess it makes sense that most computers come with Japanese keyboards.  Fair enough.  Here are my suggestions for relieving the arduousness of this task.  When it comes to this hunt, I personally don't bother with brick-and-mortar shops, so you'll notice that most all my solutions below involve online shopping.

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SIM-Only Mobile Providers in Japan

Most often referred to in Japan as an MVNO, which stands for "mobile virtual network operator," the following is a potentially-growing list of SIM-only mobile providers that resell services on one of the major Japanese mobile networks: NTT Docomo, Au by KDDI, or Softbank.  While the big three Japanese providers will usually force you into an over-priced 2-year auto-renewing service contract inseparable from the bundled phone, MVNOs can and will sell you just the SIM card and service.  Most resell NTT Docomo, and I have yet to see one that resells Softbank; however anything is possible as Japan looks as if it is finally embracing SIM-only solutions.

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