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Life in Japan - Getting Costco Delivered

Once in a while I'm in the mood for Kirkland.  Ahhhhh, Kirkland.  Smooth and lovely Kirkland goodness.  If you too know and love Costco, then you certainly know the Kirkland of which I speak.

Yet another great thing about Japan is that Costco is indeed here.  But unlike those I knew and loved in Los Angeles, they're unfortunately outside the center of the city centers; and doubly unfortunate is that like many Tokyo-ites, I do not own a car.  These 2 combine to create a disheartening logistical challenge.  In other words, it's not easy hauling home that insanely inexpensive 48-pack of Coronas on the train.  I don't care how big a backpack you have--a car-less trip to Costco will likely end in disappointment.  I managed to carry home a giant can of macadamia nuts and equally giant can of multivitamins, but that 2-pack of 42-inch flat-screen TVs just wasn't gonna happen.  Damn...

Enter Hilo Market.  They shop at Costco for you and ship you the Kirkland goodness.  Oh, they also do Ikea goodness.  Nice...

Yes, as you'd expect you pay a premium for this service, but I think it's reasonable considering the alternative is borrowing/renting a car and/or bringing a crew of arms to help you carry those 200 rolls of toilet paper.  As a car-less Tokyo-ite lacking a car-full friend, I choose Hilo Market.

They've come through for me on those not-too-often, but cherished occasions when I just had to indulge in Kirkland.  They faithfully delivered that 96-pack taste of the good ol' USA to my Tokyo doorstep.

Thank you, Hilo Market.

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